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QM Consulting Partnership

Introducing Strategic Business Planning by Quality Matters Consulting

Take Aim:
Strategic Planning
for Targeted Business Growth

At, we are excited to introduce our Business Planning & Consulting service, delivered in collaboration with our trusted partner, Quality Matters Consulting.

Our mission is to help organisations like yours chart a clear and effective path towards success.

Without strategic planning, you can find yourself going in circles, wasting valuable time, energy, and resources.

Let us help you turn your goals into actionable, laser-targeted plans and make your business dreams a reality.

About Quality Matters Consulting

Our clients rave about the results they achieve through our strategic planning events.
Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

Thorough Research

Before diving into the planning process, we conduct in-depth research on your organisation and industry.  

This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of your operating environment and provide you with innovative ideas and opportunities that go beyond the conventional.

Tailored Approach

Together, we will co-design a strategic planning event tailored to your specific needs. 

We’ll identify the key stakeholders who should be involved and determine the most effective process to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Engaging and Empowering Facilitation

Our facilitators will lead an engaging, energising, and highly productive strategic planning event. 

 We’ll help you identify your strengths, address weaknesses, and explore all potential avenues for success. 

 Our upbeat and hands-on approach is driven by our commitment to seeing you thrive.

A Customised Strategic Plan

Within two weeks of your event, you’ll receive a comprehensive written strategic plan that encapsulates the collaborative effort we put in.

This plan will be presented in clear, jargon-free language and outline practical, measurable actions required to achieve your strategic goals.

Ongoing Support

We believe in providing continuous support to help you implement your strategies effectively. Our services include:

  1. Workshops and Team Facilitation: We can conduct workshops with your teams to assist in the execution of strategies, navigate significant changes, or develop essential skills such as effective communication.
  2. Filling the Gaps: We can help you address any gaps uncovered during the strategic planning process. Whether it’s developing key policies, allocating necessary resources, or implementing efficient systems, we’ve got you covered.

Affordability for Small and Medium-sized Organisations

The best part?

Our services are designed to be affordable for small and medium-sized organisations. We believe that strategic planning should be accessible to all, regardless of size or budget.

Take the first step towards success and let Quality Matters Consulting guide you on the path to achieving your business goals.